AMBC Certified Stores

AMBC is excited to announce our new AMBC Certified Store™ program!

For decades, franchisees have enjoyed the benefits they gain from being associated with a franchise: reliable, consistent training, a reputation, and recognition for their professionalism by carriers and vendors as well as the community. Access to these benefits by the franchisee often comes with relatively high ongoing fees.

Independent MBCs (Mail and Business Centers) can now enjoy many of the same benefits.

An AMBC Certified Store™ are MBCs in a new class of excellence. They have undergone extensive training and have proven to be more likely to have a professionally trained and uniformed staff, accurate and well placed signage, offer reliable services to their customers, and, most importantly to the carriers, pay their bills in a timely manner and file significantly fewer damage claims.

By being a part of the AMBC Certified Store™ program, you will set yourself apart in your community as a recognized professional. You will also be added to the list given to vendors for special consideration when rolling out new programs. Independent MBCs can now enjoy many of the same benefits without the fees frequently associated with a franchise.

Certified stores must maintain a paid membership with AMBC with a minimum level of Basic or above; new members must have a current one year paid membership plan at Basic or above. Any lapse in membership will suspend your Certified Gold Status until membership is reinstated. Certified status is subject to annual review at time of membership renewal.

You will be asked to submit photos as proof of compliance on several items if you are not a member of an AMBC or YESS chapter. If you are a chapter member, a chapter board member may perform a physical walk through.

One of the qualifications for the AMBC Certified Store™ program is completion of a packaging class and completion of your AMBC Master of Retail Shipping Management degree. The degree can be earned through education at Industry conventions, online, or in higher education institutions such as adult school, community college, or university in areas of study including business, finance, marketing, notary, etc. Your degree is made up of hours of both certified and elective classes.

When your store meets AMBC Certified Store™ standards, the benefits from carriers, vendors, and your community will be considerable. Start your path toward certification today!

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