AMBC Pay It Safe Sign for your Store

Our friends at Refund Retriever have shared some great information on how to handle shipments during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Here is a PDF that you may download and share in your communities:

How to Handle Packages During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Small Business Checklist – CARES Act Emergency Loans

Click Here for An Urgent Update from FedEx for all FASCs:  Any stores that are closed during this time or have reduced hours, it is most imperative that you update your hours on and send an email to regarding the temporary closure request. You should include your account number and “Temporary Store Closure Request” in the subject line of the email.

Small Business Administration

There is a wealth of information, guidance, and resources available from the Small Business Administration at
OSHA Guidance
U.S. Department of Labor Resources
Your Local Chamber of Commerce
Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for their list of resources available in your local municipality. An example of a Chamber with some wonderful outreach / resources is Tomkins Chamber and likely your local Chamber also has a similar comprehensive list for your area.

Some more helpful resources for you so that you can effectively share with your clients and other small business owners in your community.

1. Here’s a great way to update your modified hours on your Google My Business page:

Businesses affected by COVID-19: Guidance on updating info and temporary closures

Please make sure to update your Google My Business listing because it’s the first thing people see in Google when they search for your business.

2. Here’s a link to a blog post that Seema & Fahim wrote and emailed to all their clients recently:

We Are An Essential Business and Continue to Remain Open During the Pandemic to Serve Your Emergency Needs

It contains a link to the Department of Homeland Security document that classifies all “Shipping and Mailing Services” as essential businesses and allows us to remain open, even during “Stay at Home” orders from the government.

3. Here’s a link to Marty’s awesome post about how to engage with your community effectively during this time of unprecedented uncertainty and do it with resilience and positivity:

We’re Open … and Sanitized

4. FedEx COVID-19 page for all the latest updates:
[FedEx has temporarily suspended its money-back guarantee on all shipments until further notice.]

5. Great New York Times Article about Whether or Not You Can Catch COVID-19 via mail or packages:

You’ve Got Mail. Will You Get the Coronavirus?

6. As always, please keep checking for all updates during this time and follow us on Facebook for real time updates. Here’s the link to our latest blog for our industry’s stores: