In business for over 15 years in current location in an area with diverse ethnic
population and growing.  It is the well branded business center source for shipping and
business services for both commercial and residential. Authorized to ship with UPS,
Freight, DHL (high margin product) and USPS. Services include:

·        Shipping & Customer Packaging
·        Mailbox Rental (No cost income, avg. 200 rented, pays store rent cost)
·        Amazon and other return drop off services with good commission income
·        Notary
·        Computer Rental, Fax, Scan, Email and Copies
·        Shredding and lamination
·        Retail Office and packaging supplies
·        Packaging Receiving Services

Great potential for large format scanning and printing including blueprints- posters-
banners. Additional growth potential for large format printing,
The business is fully computerized with the UPS supported POS software and has a
professionally maintained website. UPS has an excellent marketing and technology
support. The Store has great ratings.

Asking Price:  $225k [low pay back period].

New store opening can cost up-to $250k and customer base building period.
Transfer subject to UPS Corp approval.

Additional UPS Corp. application, transfer and mandatory Owner Operator training
costs apply. Gross Revenue:  $350k & 365k for 2018, 2019 respectively
Net Earnings before tax: Avg. $97k & 103k for 2017, 2018 including 2 members of
owner/family salary and health insurance costs

Contact: Ashok, JSR Services LLC
614-459-5388 [leave voice mail if not answered]