NMFC Changes are taking place April 15th, 2017

NMFC = National Motor Freight Classification,  is the system that sets the description and class of everything shipped freight.   The description used to describe an item shipped sets the NMFC number, that number sets your freight class. The freight class sets the rate per pound you are charged.

Paintings /pictures is just one of a few items that are changing; I have added the new to the list on the freight site look for a note in the description to see if it expires this year. Do not use an expired NMFC, the carrier will not care they will not adjust. If you are in doubt call the carrier and inquire (get the person’s name), email me the item full description. There is no grace period, there is no “I didn’t know” they don’t care.

At carriers discretion they can start using the new NMFC Number as of the 15th. In most cases stores have used Class 110 for their painting shipment. The new NFMC is density based, so accurate weights and measurement will be even more important.

NMFC  056165-

Paintings or pictures, posters NOI framed or unframed with or without glass in boxes, cartons or crates released to a value not to exceed $25.00 per pound. (Will expand on this at the end)

Density of Less than 4 pound per cu foot – Class 300: 056165-01

Density of 4 but less than 8 pounds per cu foot – Class 175: 056165-02

Density of 8 pounds per cu foot or greater – Class 92.5: 056165-03

The weight and dimensions need to include all packaging, all pallets, banding, strapping. You KNOW that they will be auditing packages and I have never seen it come out in the store’s favor yet on an audit. So please double check your data prior to shipping.

The AMBC Freight site does help you calculate the density you only need to fill in the weight and dimensions and it calculates and displays your cubic feet plus the density of the shipment. Be SURE you match and use the correct Class and density.

In the NMFC description they use NOI which means Not Otherwise Indicated (no other listing for that specific product) and the release value is that you are agreeing to limit the carrier’s liability to a MAXIMUM of $25.00 pound. The does not mean they will pay $25.00 per pound that is the MAXIMUM they will pay. In most cases carriers have not ever paid a claim on paintings, they always “determine” that the art falls within their scope of not covered. This is why I always recommend that you obtain 3rd party coverage and plan that the carrier’s coverage will be minimal at best.

Painting, art, pictures posters

Rugs, carpets, floor coverings

Mailing Machines

Tables or stations for food preparation (commercial)


Toilet Paper

Household Kitchen utensils (when NOT shipping as personal effects)

Baseball bats, softball, cricket other than hollow

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Source: AMBC Blog