Norman Froscher

Norman Froscher

AMBC Board Chair & Director of Engagement | #NormanKnows


If you’ve happened upon any of Espresso Mail’s social media lately, you’ve surely seen a video of Norman engaging his customers in conversation … or engaging his community to become aware of a charitable cause of the month. Norman cares. And it shows on where he focuses his time and energy, and in where he directs his audience’s attention.

Norman and his wife Lisa co-own Espresso Mail in West Palm Beach, Florida. Perhaps one of the most unique models in our unique industry, their business marries the business and shipping center concept with a coffee bar, and the result is something incredibly special!

As a former USPS letter carrier, Norman knows the ins and outs of getting packages and mail handled correctly. He previously managed business services for several law firms and financial companies, so he’s well versed in “taking care of business.” He’s a veteran, having served in the 82nd Airborne Division. And, while he loves a good cup of coffee, his go-to drink is a straight shot of espresso.

Norman’s outreach, lively spirit of community, and years of experience in our industry make him a perfect fit as AMBC’s Director of Engagement. We are thrilled to have him on the team!

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Crysta Reeves

Crysta Reeves

AMBC Vice Board Chair & Director of Social Media


Crysta has been a well-known player in the independent mail and business center industry for years, and we were thrilled when she joined the AMBC board of directors in January of 2021 to help guide our organization and lead our members to new heights.

As the owner of Pack & Mail Plus in Duluth, Minnesota, and Pack & Mail Station in Cloquet, Minnesota, Crysta is known for her outstanding commitment to excellence and service; she’s also an amazing mom to some fantastic kids who feature often in the local TV commercials she and her team produce as part of their unique and effective community and family-focused marketing strategy.

In 2016, Crysta added online order fulfillment and uber-customized large format print offerings to her long list of specialties when she opened Northland Cheer Heads, which she runs out of one of her stores. 

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Steve Dick

Steve Dick

AMBC Board Treasurer & Director of Print for Profit | #BoxKingSteve


Efficiency is defined as having “competency in performance,” or being “able to accomplish something with the least waste of time and effort.” This is Steve’s core philosophy, his signature, and his key to success.

Steve’s dad lived life as if there was always a deadline, teaching Steve that time is our most valuable commodity. And Steve, by nature, is not a very patient person. In fact, he’ll be the first to tell you that he’s actually super impatient! But he’s discovered that he must at least show some patience, even if he’s not feeling it—a lesson we all need from time to time. His dad’s example, combined with a profound attention to detail he developed from his background as a sound engineer, has led Steve to always try to find the most efficient ways of doing whatever he’s tasked with.

At Box King, the business Steve and his mom co-own in Springfield, Ohio, efficiency is the key to success. The people he hires, the equipment he purchases, and the services he provides are all geared toward his outlook of how to get his customers in and done so they can move on with their days. His satisfaction comes from the look of relief on his clients’ faces when he tells them, “That’s it. Box King will take it from there.”

Printing is a profit center that Steve has groomed and developed into something truly outstanding at Box King. His knowledge of the space and willingness to share with other AMBC members is exceptional; he’s always lending a helping hand to other members on the AMBC online user forum, AMBC4ME. We’re very grateful Steve now volunteers on the AMBC board of directors as Director of Print for Profit. Not only does he bring countless fresh ideas to the table, but he also brings a spirit of helpfulness and reason that lifts our whole AMBC family to a new level of excellence.

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Barry Risch

Barry Risch

AMBC Board Secretary & Director of Mentorship | #MentorBarry


Barry is a class act. Anyone who has had the pleasure to interact with him over the years understands right away the characteristics that he unwaveringly projects: gratitude, professionalism, respect, and insight.

Since 2003, Barry has been a member of AMBC and the owner of The Shipping Depot in Allison Park, Pennsylvania. He used all of the AMBC resources available to him in the early years of his career: the magazine, the website, the user forum, and phone calls to the organization when he needed guidance and help. He truly felt like he had a connection with the organization, even though he hadn’t yet met much of the team in person.

By 2014, his business grew to the point he had the resources necessary to allow himself and his wife Kathy to attend the AMBC convention in Los Angeles. That was a life changing experience that he needed to give him a boost to continue to succeed into the future. It was then that he discovered what he had been missing over the years by not being able to attend regional and national events. In Los Angeles, he actually got to meet the board members, the vendors, and other members of the organization. In his eyes, that was the true experience of AMBC. He discovered there was an actual network out there that is willing to help more than he could imagine.

Barry is a strong believer in the organization and the industry as a whole. When presented with the opportunity to volunteer as a board member, his first thoughts were how important AMBC has been to his success. His interests are in the membership of AMBC and becoming a mentor to help others discover the true experience of this fine network. We are so glad he’s joined the board as Director of Mentorship, and know he’ll make a big difference!

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Mary Bray

Mary Bray

AMBC Board Member & Director of Innovation

Mary joined the AMBC board of directors in January of 2021 as the first franchisee to be part of the volunteer team that directs our non-profit organization. As the owner of Pak Mail Thorpe Lane in San Marcos, Texas, Mary shines as a leader and innovator among her peers.

With over 15 years of experience in real estate and over 20 years of experience as a notary public, Mary brings a unique perspective to the AMBC team. Her always-fresh product and service ideas have diversified her business in areas that inspire us all to try new things to continually anticipate and meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.

The oldest of her siblings, Mary grew up in Mexico in a family where nearly everyone owns their own business. She’s a hard-working entrepreneur through and through, yet her family and her sons remain her most important priority.

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David McCallum

David McCallum

AMBC Board Member

Engineer by day and shipping store owner by night, David McCallum is a renowned multi-industry leader who designed his services on a foundation of humor, respect, and above all, integrity. As the owner of Fairhaven Post And Parcel, David features an extensive 20+ year background involving the intricacies of business development / management, customer experience, and technology innovation, and enjoys every moment of leveraging that to help business owners across the shipping industry.

Throughout his career, David has built a strong inventory of successes that has positioned him to become the master of two distinguished trades, engineering and small business ownership. To date, he holds a degree in electrical engineering, an MBA from Western Washington University and a master’s degree in the school of entrepreneurial hard knocks while simultaneously being heavily involved in the mail and business center industry.

Nothing makes David happier than translating business goals into tangible realities and doing so all while ensuring the customer or team he is supporting receives the first-rate experiences they deserve along the way. He has a genuine passion for riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster and demonstrates that through his development of retail printing and shipping services that not only meet expectations, but exceed them every time. This, in conjunction with his reputation for running a business by the numbers,
is what shaped David into the dynamic small business owner he is today—one who continuously strives to raise the standards bar for his clients, his team, and himself.

When David is not business managing or wearing his engineering hat, you can often find him hiking, playing chess, and most importantly, spending time with his two sons. In the end, David loves what he does and is always seeking ways to advance both personally and professionally to optimize services, experiences, and results.

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Tom Ogilvie

Tom Ogilvie

AMBC Board Member


Tom considers himself to be an entrepreneur with the title of “Master Problem Solver.” An ambassador for the Kenosha Chamber of Commerce, Tom has lived in the Kenosha, Wisconsin area his entire life, enjoying everything it has to offer. (But to be truthful, as he gets a little older, he’d like the winters to be a little shorter.)

Tom worked his way through college by working for UPS part-time as an unloader and truck washer, when they used to wash every truck every day, and eventually moved into management of the night shift. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin Parkside with a degree in management information systems. He worked in that field for about five years, then ventured off on his own and has been doing so for 25 years.  

Tom started with his first business in computer consulting out of his home and found he needed a place to have his packages delivered when he was not home and out working. So, he opened a mailbox at a local AMBC Member’s store just up the street from his house. Then one day in 2001, without any notice, he got a note in his mailbox that said the person that owned the store was closing. Tom started to talk with the owner and, even though she advised not getting into the business because of the threat of a competing national carrier franchise making big, aggressive moves at the time toward independent stores, Tom thought differently. He always liked the business model. So, within two weeks of getting a note in his mailbox, that owner closed her doors…and Tom opened his own business, EZ Pack N Ship, the very next day. Now, 20 years later, he’s still at it and continues to grow what has turned out to be a fantastic business model after all!

Tom indeed is an entrepreneur, at one point running three businesses: Computer Consulting , EZ Pack N Ship, and Power Fill, which deals with ink and toner. In 2009, he sold his computer business but still ran the other two. In his decision process, he looked at each of his businesses to decide which one needed to go to free up more time for the other two. The reason that he wanted to keep EZ Pack N Ship was partially due to AMBC and all of its members; he felt the support that has always been there. He enjoyed the conventions, events, and the way that all of the other store owners were so willing to help each other. He has never seen that type of openness and support in any other industry. 

Tom has been a member of the AMBC for 20 years and looks forward to helping any way he can to move the organization forward and to continue the “members helping members” philosophy, as he knows how AMBC has helped him and many others be more successful then they would have been on their own.

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Kim Mahoney

Kim Mahoney

Director of Operations | #AMBCConcierge


Kim is the glue that holds AMBC together. She runs the office, manages the AMBC user forum, develops programs, organizes and runs events, and works closely with AMBC Trusted Suppliers, AMBC Members, and the AMBC Board of Directors and staff to make everything flow smoothly. She continually impresses her coworkers with her efficiency, dedicated work ethic, and tremendous knowledge of our intricate industry and association. She’s a friend to each member, and a valued resource for all.

Since joining the AMBC team as Director of Operations in 2008, Kim has done it all. She has years of experience at the counter of Mailboxes and Parcel Depot, which AMPC used as a flagship store and new owner training center in Rockford, Illinois. She was integral in directing the organizations as AMPC transitioned to the new non-profit AMBC, and helped steer the offices through the transition to dual offices in California and Illinois, giving AMBC access to both West Coast and Midwest time zones.

Kim is passionate about customer service and looks for innovative ways to help members navigate the multitude of challenges facing owners in this age of constant change. She looks forward to hearing from you!

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Brad Risch

Brad Risch

Operations Executive | #AMBCLiason


When you call AMBC, there’s a good chance that Brad will be the voice on the other end of the line. As AMBC Operations Executive, he serves as a liaison, friend, and point of contact for AMBC Members, AMBC Trusted Suppliers, affiliates, and other industry contacts.

After a long career in television broadcasting as a producer, director, and manager, Brad understands the value of clear, accurate, and timely communication. He brings those attributes to being the primary contact point for AMBC. Providing answers to questions by connecting the need to the resource—helping members help members.

Brad is committed to providing service to the AMBC network and connecting you to resources you need to help you succeed.

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Marty Johnson

Marty Johnson

Director of Communication & Advisor to the Board | #AskUncleMarty


Bearing his uncle title with gratitude, it’s Marty’s privilege to serve as a voice, leader, and mentor in his communities and the unique, ever-changing retail shipping and business center industry.

With a background in marketing and an ardent passion for communication, Marty has spent over 30 years working in and around small businesses, as well as time spent in corporate, higher education, faith-based, and non-profit spaces. He loves to discover and share magic ingredients that help groups, organizations, and businesses succeed—essential things that so often get overlooked or forgotten in our modern hustle, like a clear and purpose-based mission, proactive community involvement, a relationship-based business model, professional messaging, appropriate and consistent branding, a culture of respect, a resolution to always make things right, and a healthy dose of grit, chutzpah, empathy, and positivity.

Currently, Marty enjoys working alongside his growing team at Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office, an independent, hip, inclusive, and sustainability- and community-focused shipping and business center adjacent to Cornell University in beautiful Ithaca, New York. There, as the co-founder and facilitator of the Collegetown Small Business Alliance and an active member of the Tompkins Chamber, Marty works closely with his neighbors, community influencers, and local officials to find opportunities and solutions to local challenges and ensure their one-of-a-kind neighborhood remains exceptional.

In addition to being a small business owner, Marty volunteers as Director of Communication and Advisor to the Board for the Association of Mail & Business Centers (AMBC), having previously served five years the non-profit’s board of directors, completing his term in 2018 as Board Chair. He remains the lead instructor for AMBC’s certified training courses in advanced packing techniques and global shipping methods, as well as other courses in marketing, branding, team building, brick and mortar aesthetics, social media, and relationship building techniques.

Marty has been honored to be a panelist and speaker at summits and industry events across the country for well over a decade, and both he and his businesses have been featured multiple times in industry publications like FedEx ShipSource®. After years as a contributing writer and columnist for MBC Today, the mail and business center industry’s leading publication, he’s now the magazine’s editor and producer; his business advice column, Ask Uncle Marty™, is a favorite among readers.

In 2012, Marty was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He survived, thanks (in no small part) to profound grace, intense chemotherapy, a brilliant team of caregivers, a faithful army of family and friends, and the firm conviction that the experience had a purpose. He remains cancer-free to this day, with his belief in silver linings affirmed with each new day and opportunity.

Marty gives advice for a living—in his coaching, in his writing, in his classes, and in guiding his clients at his shipping business to the best solution for their needs—and the best advice he can ever give in almost any situation is simply to be kind and respectful, trusting that doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.


Fahim Mojawalla

Fahim Mojawalla

Advisor to the AMBC Board & Director of Motivation | #FahimFix


The phrase, “How may I serve you today?” booms and beams from exuberant, outspoken Fahim day in and day out. He lives to inspire, motivate, uplift, and rejuvenate; to make the mundane extraordinary by providing a remarkable experience at the “Spa of Shipping,” known as the Island Ship Center in Grand Island, New York, which he co-owns and operates with his wife, Seema, and their five children.

Fahim’s heart of service and community mindset are punctuated by his unparalleled personality that lights up a room and engages every single individual to be their best self. Whether he’s teaching a #FahimFix social media seminar at a national AMBC event, speaking at a local school, or working with a client one-on-one, he consistently leaves his audience energized and inspired.

Fahim was born in Mumbai, India, and moved with his family to New York City when he was three years old. He went to school in Long Island and graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 2002 with an honors degree in Economics and a minor in Business Management. In 2005, he moved with his family of seven and mother to Grand Island where they’ve become pillars in its close-knit community.

As the effervescent co-owner of Island Ship Center, a successful, popular, experienced-based retail shipping outlet, business center, and unique gift store located ten minutes south of Niagara Falls, Fahim and Seema are very involved in AMBC. Fahim is honored to volunteer on the AMBC Board of Directors as Social Media Director. He is also the Vice President of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, helping connect other local businesses with social media trends.

Fahim loves being able to live and work on Grand Island, and loves that he’s able to spend a lot of time with his kids during after-school activities. He shares a lot of motivational quotes through his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and uses plenty of hashtags to keep track of online activity, specifically #KindnessIsContagious and #ExudeExcellence.

In 2015, Fahim was recognized for his involvement with the community by being awarded the Excellence in Education award. But we at AMBC feel that he should also have received the Excellence in Being Excellent award, because he indeed is an inspiration to us all.

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