Ten years ago, I ran an eCommerce site selling personalized leather gifts to businesses and individuals. I learned SEO from experts and got on the social media bandwagon very shortly after March 2007.

I’ve studied many aspects of online checkout over the years, including Amazon, PayPal and guest checkouts. I’ve learned that having a guest checkout on one’s website increases conversions and encourages people to buy more from your site without feeling “locked in” as a member. Translating this option into our business centers can provide a lot of insight and help us as store owners to give choice to our clients and guests.

For example, when my wife & I designed and launched our 24 hour business center last year, we assumed that everyone would love to be a member and would opt-in to paying for the 24 hour security entrance, using the key-less entry system. However, 4 months into our new model and we had many people inquiring about mail and business services without wanting to pay for 24 hour access. In other words, they wanted to pickup their mail and parcels during our business hours.

We, of course, agreed to this system and as a result of this flexibility, have noticed an increase in our mailbox clients and others who use just our package receiving services (without the option of 24 hour key-less entry). In other words, they want to “checkout as a guest” and not be a “member” and we are fine with that!

Providing this flexibility to our incoming visitors allows us to extend our reach into the marketplace. So, we encourage the 24 hour access now and most guests opt for it; however, we are perfectly happy to provide the flexibility for someone who just wants to come by see us every time he or she has mail or parcels picked up.

With gratitude and effervescence,

Fahim Mojawalla, AMBC Director of Social Media
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