FedEx Authorized ShipCenter

Contact Information

Phone: 800-496-9310

Ground & Express Shipping

The general rule is – if a brand new store is applying for the FASC program and there is another FASC or FedEx staffed location within 1 mile, we will deny the application.

We will consider stores with less than a mile distance in heavily populated, heavy traffic pattern areas (NYC and others). These would be evaluated to the FASC Retail Marketing team and granted on an exception basis.

Rules for Change of ownership

No proximity on an existing FASC location
New owner MUST get a new FedEx Account number
New owner MUST apply for the FASC program at

Select the box that states they are buying an existing store.
Be prepared to provide the Barcode number that resides in the store (the Express driver scans this every day). Be prepared to provide their TAX ID and information.


Q:  Can AMBC set up my account for me?

A:  No, we are unable to do this on your behalf, however, if you have already applied for your account via and you have not had a response, we can look into your status for you.

Q:  Will being a member of AMBC give us deeper discounts on FedEx shipping?

A:  No, being a member will not influence your discount.  FedEx determines your shipping discount by volume.

Q:  What can AMBC do to help me when it comes to shipping FedEx?

A:  We are your ADVOCATE and can assist you in any shipping issues you have.  You do have a FedEx Rep assigned to you, but we are here as a back-up if you still need further assistance with your issue.

Q: I am a store who specializes in tax returns, I would like to add shipping to supplement my income in the off season.  FedEx denied my FASC status, why?

A:  FedEx will only allow an FASC status if your primary business is packaging/shipping.