For me, August always feels like the start of a new year.

It’s weird, I know. But my shop is in a college town, and August is when all of the new students arrive for the year. The town comes back to life, things are fresh, and attitudes are positively hopeful.

Perhaps even more this year, this month feels like the beginning of a new year–of a new chapter. We’ve just come back from Expo and have closed the door to some efforts we were fruitlessly spinning our wheels on. We’ve opened many, many new doors to opportunities, ideas, and fresh perspectives to move forward. We’ve made resolutions. And this time, we’re going to keep them!

The fall brings change–change in schedule as the kids go back to school, change in weather (for many of us), and change in focus as we prepare for the holiday rush.

What does this new year, new chapter, and new season have in store for you? What can you do better than last year? What can you improve, purge, and streamline? What have your customers asked about year after year that you “just haven’t gotten around to doing yet?”

It may be just the rose colored glasses that I’m so fond of wearing, but this coming year looks pretty spectacular to me! I think good things are going to happen … for all of us!

So, with confetti thrown and a kiss at midnight, I wish all of you–my colleagues, friends, associates, and all other shipping nerds that I haven’t yet met–a very happy new year!

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Source: AMBC Blog