I just made a kids’ mailbox.

It’s a concept I’ve heard of before, but completely forgot about until Henry reminded us of it at the PostalMate regional training weekend a few weeks ago in New York.

It’s really quite a brilliant idea: put the key to one of your large mailboxes on a special key chain and fill that mailbox with toys and prizes for kids. Then, when someone brings their young pal into your store, give that kid the key and tell them that if they can figure out which mailbox it opens, they can have a prize from inside.

Because I personally can’t handle stuff falling all over the floor in chaos, I put a small box inside my kids’ mailbox that the kids can pull out to discover prizes inside: sunglasses, temporary tattoos, rings, pencils, slap bracelets, American flags, puzzles, etc. You can fill yours with whatever you’d like, though stickers are always a winner.

Kids’ mailboxes keeps kids entertained and allows their grownups to focus on business at hand. The kids love it, the grownups love it, and it’s a win-win across the board!

Think about making one today. It takes like five minutes and makes a huge impression.

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Marty Johnson, AMBC Director of Marketing | askunclemarty.com

Source: AMBC Blog