Do you watch NBC’s The Profit? I got into the show about a year ago, and I love it!

In each episode, Marcus Lemonis–businessperson, investor, and philanthropist–visits a struggling business and decided whether he’d like to invest his own time and money into it to turn it around. He’s a no-nonsense character, and tells struggling entrepreneurs flat-out how it is in hopes that they’ll realize what they can do to make needed changes.

Marcus helps with everything from finances to inventory management. But my favorite thing is when he has his team completely redesign a business, rethink its products and departments, and give it a whole new look. It’s magical!

One of the latest episodes of The Profit was on Bowery Kitchen Supplies, a Manhattan retailer of all kinds of cool culinary commodities. How that business was transformed from a cluttered mess into a beautiful, well merchandised, departmentalized operation is astounding. I got some great ideas from it myself, and the reinforcement on how important product choice is in our business was a great reminder.

If you’re looking for something to watch, check out The Profit. It’s streaming on most services. Start with the episode on Bowery Kitchen Supplies and prepare to get your gears moving again.

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