The holiday season means big business for porch pirates. 👀

In 2022 alone, 260 million packages disappeared from porches across America. This is a 50 million increase from last year’s count. Millions of packages moving across the country this holiday season are a massive opportunity for package thieves to swipe mail.

It’s more important than ever to introduce your customers to a virtual mailbox for security and convenience this holiday season. 📨

Here’s how a virtual mailbox can create a secure, easy, and enjoyable holiday shopping experience:

🎁 Receiving at a secure and staffed location – Receive and store postal mail and packages securely at your location until customers request to have it forwarded or book a pick-up with an app.

🎁 Access from anywhere worldwide – 47% of Americans will travel this holiday season. Cater to this significant demographic with a virtual mailbox. With it, they can manage their postal mail digitally—something impossible with a PO Box or a physical mailbox.

🎁 Convenient mail forwarding – They can forward their online purchases to their family and friends with your help.

🎁 Efficient, time-saving tool – Relieve your customers of tedious errands. A virtual mailbox allows them to manage packages in just a few clicks, giving them more time to enjoy the holidays with loved ones. They can also schedule mail pick-up, so they don’t have to rush their other holiday errands.

The holidays are the perfect time to offer a virtual mailbox. Earn from something you’re already doing while providing your customers with the best solution to manage their holiday shopping.

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