Who Is AMBC?

The Association of Mail and Business Centers (AMBC) is a member-run non-profit organization, proud to serve as advocates, educators, and mentors in the retail shipping, mail, and business center industry.

AMBC’s board of directors are fellow AMBC Members who volunteer their time, nominated and elected by their peers to serve with term limits to oversee our association, its team, and its direction. Because of our unique board-run structure, AMBC is able to remain fluid and easily adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry, market, and members.

AMBC Members—mostly independent small businesses, though there are plenty of members who are part of franchises and larger corporations too—are incredibly diverse, operating businesses not only offering traditional mailing and shipping solutions, but also doing impressive things in printing, office services, mail management, digital solutions, and other unique areas like coffee shops, truck rental facilities, college town student hubs, and tourist hot spots. Found in every corner of the country, AMBC Members are often community leaders, willing to lend a helping hand, give advice, and share a success secret or cautionary tale when necessary.

Benefits of AMBC membership are extensive, including a subscription to MBC Today, our popular industry-leading bi-monthly magazine distributed to AMBC Members in both print and digital formats,
as well as access to decades worth of back issues and their valuable content in AMBC’s extensive members-only online resource area; the AMBC4ME online member forum where AMBC Members interact, ask questions, access mentors, and grow together; a long list of AMBC Trusted Suppliers who offer exclusive programs and discounts to AMBC Members and provide enormous value in the products and services they offer, catered to industry-specific needs; access to the AMBC board and staff for help with issues, answers to questions, advocacy, and more; ability to vote in AMBC elections and participate in industry surveys, accessing the benefits and programs that result; ability to participate in virtual town halls, supplier presentations, and other webinars; discounts at popular AMBC-presented and select AMBC-sponsored events held periodically in different parts of the country; and much more!

So, who is AMBC? You are AMBC and we are AMBC: a caring, powerful group of #MembersHelpingMembers who realize the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

We hope you’ll join us.

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