Member Benefits

You have made an important step in growing and managing your Mail & Business Center by joining AMBC.  We pride ourselves on being dedicated to helping our members succeed through advocacy, education, resources and programs. We set ourselves apart by thoroughly dedicating ourselves to our members and their pursuit of success.

Jim Baer established AMPC (Associated Mail & Parcel Centers) in 1982. Over the past decades, our industry has changed dramatically, and so have we. In 2014, we proudly became a member-owned, not-for-profit association and adopted the upgraded name AMBC (Association of Mail & Business Centers) to reflect the full business center approach that now defines our industry.

Our goal is to see our members flourish. Join us and take your business to a new level of excellence!

As a full AMBC member, you will become part of the mail and business center industry’s well established, tight-knit, unique, and uplifting community. AMBC’s slogan, “Members Helping Members,” will prove invaluable as you enjoy our long list of member benefits and advantages:

AMBC4ME (Online User Forum)
You’ll join AMBC4ME, our online user forum. Ask questions and receive answers, guidance,
and advice from hundreds of other store owners just like you. Receive individual posts by
email or sign up for a summarized daily digest.

The AMBC Team
Access our team of AMBC staff and volunteers with decades of experience in this industry
provide advocacy, education, and assistance to help you grow your business and reach
potential you didn’t even know you had.

MBC Today
You’ll receive a bi-monthly printed copy of MBC Today, our industry-leading magazine. You’ll
also get a digital version emailed to you and gain members-only access to years of archives
on In MBC Today, you’ll find articles from industry leaders and fellow business
owners and gain ideas, inspiration, instruction, industry news, and much more.

AMBC Trusted Suppliers
Our AMBC Trusted Suppliers (link to AMBC Trusted Suppliers page) provide incredible value
to our members, and we work closely with them to develop benefits just for you! Through
their programs and events, you’ll be able to access deals and information you might
otherwise not know about or qualify for on your own.

You’ll be added to our locators, including an online scan and shred services locator,
business services locator, and AMBC Member store locator.

AMBC Certified Gold Store Program
As an AMBC Member, you’ll have the opportunity to apply to be an AMBC Certified Gold
Store (link to program page). The gold standards are high and we’re pretty picky about who
receives our seal, but those who meet the requirements join the best of the best in our
industry, a benchmark recognized and respected by carriers, suppliers, and clients alike.

Event Discounts
Receive discounts for attending our popular, inspiring, and exciting industry events, and also
gain access to our vendors and partners events. (If you haven’t been to one of our events
yet, just ask around and you’ll soon learn why you can’t afford to miss them in the future!)

Become a Voting Member of AMBC
You’ll help elect our board of directors, guide our direction, and cultivate our programs.
Maybe you’ll even want to join a committee and participate more as you discover what
resources open up to you as an AMBC Member. Together, we grow, innovate, educate, and
discover what’s new and what’s next in our unique industry.

Become a Member Today!

If you have any questions about our membership program, please contact us today!


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