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Store For Sale In North Central Massachusetts

Call 978-342-0202 for information
FOR SALE: $185,000.00

Well-established independent store for sale. Services include:
-Computer Rental
-Mailbox Rental
-Package Receiving
-Greeting Cards
-Boxes, Packing Supplies, Ink Cartridges

Store website is

GBC VeloBind System One

This is a used but working Velobinder for $150.00. Supplies included are ample to get you started.
Shipping is additional or on the buyer’s account.

Interested? Contact Pack, Ship & More at 630-665-7447

Used Photo and Wide Format Printers for Sale

I have 3 Kodak Kiosks Photo Printers and 1 Epson Sure Color P8000 printer I
would like to sell.

Kodak is 24″x36″x64″

Epson is 60″x24″x48″

$1000 ea. Or best offer

CALL: 516-817-5010

Kishore Hemrajani
Plainview Mailroom
329 S. Oyster Bay Rd
Plainview, NY 11803

Pre Inked Stamp Blanks For Sale

I have a bunch of Blanks for the stamp creator. Mine broke and I wont be replacing it.
I can send a picture of the size and colors of the stamp blanks I have left. It’s over $500 worth of blanks. I’m asking $300 obo. You pay shipping.

Cheryce | Pak & Page
Call: 559-692-2200

Cubetape C190SHP Barcode Scanner Wireless USB Bluetooth Handheld Tape Measurer for Measuring Parcels, Packages, Boxes, Pallets

For Sale: $595.00

Cubetape is a portable, automatic volumetric weight calculator. It helps you capture accurate volumetric weight measurements of parcels and pallets in seconds!

Capturing this information at the beginning of a parcel’s lifecycle eliminates problems with transactions and collections down the line.

With its “hand-held” size, capabilities, and low cost, Cubetape is fast becoming the preferred choice for accurate dimensional weight (volumetric weight) calculations that can be verified by customers, thus preventing disputes and back-charges.

FREE SHIPPING! Contact South Gate Pack N Ship at (323) 581-1555

Brother Stamp Creator Pro

Used for quite a few years on and off, I just don’t sell enough to make it worth ordering more blank stamps.

I probably have the software somewhere but can’t guarantee it you would be smart to make sure you can download what you need off the site or if you already have one.

It works great still, as I said, I’ve had it for years, but only make around 5 to 10 stamps a year.  I did just use it last week to make myself a stamp.

I’ll box it up and you send a label.

For more info, call: (559) 692-2200

This link tells you about the machine from their website.

This comes with the following Stamp color and sizes I have left.

8 Units Rear Loading Mailboxes.

Key box and extra blanks included. In Wheaton Illinois.  Free delivery in Northern Illinois. $1500.00 for all or $250.00 each.

Independent Established Store for Sale in Vermont

Pack and Send PLUS is a profitable and established packing and shipping store located in Central Vermont. The store is currently producing revenue of over $450,000 annually. The store sells all of the major carriers, FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS and freight. For more info, please call 802-233-5115.

Besides packing and shipping, the store is also a prospering business center. The store provides copying, faxing, binding, wide format blueprints, banners, posters, photographs, and fingerprints services. During the current COVID crisis, the business, deemed essential, was able to maintain comparable sales from the previous year.

Asking Price: $165,000

For Sale UPS Franchise Store in Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio

In business for over 15 years in current location in an area with diverse ethnic
population and growing.  It is the well branded business center source for shipping and
business services for both commercial and residential. Authorized to ship with UPS,
Freight, DHL (high margin product) and USPS. Services include:

·        Shipping & Customer Packaging
·        Mailbox Rental (No cost income, avg. 200 rented, pays store rent cost)
·        Amazon and other return drop off services with good commission income
·        Notary
·        Computer Rental, Fax, Scan, Email and Copies
·        Shredding and lamination
·        Retail Office and packaging supplies
·        Packaging Receiving Services

Great potential for large format scanning and printing including blueprints- posters-
banners. Additional growth potential for large format printing,
The business is fully computerized with the UPS supported POS software and has a
professionally maintained website. UPS has an excellent marketing and technology
support. The Store has great ratings.

Asking Price:  $225k [low pay back period].

New store opening can cost up-to $250k and customer base building period.
Transfer subject to UPS Corp approval.

Additional UPS Corp. application, transfer and mandatory Owner Operator training
costs apply. Gross Revenue:  $350k & 365k for 2018, 2019 respectively
Net Earnings before tax: Avg. $97k & 103k for 2017, 2018 including 2 members of
owner/family salary and health insurance costs

Contact: Ashok, JSR Services LLC
614-459-5388 [leave voice mail if not answered]

Rare Opportunity in Red Hot NoHo Arts District of N. Hollywood,CA

Owner retiring. NoHo Mailboxes is an Independent store located in what has become one of the hottest neighborhoods in Los Angeles over the last decade, Store has 360 PMB’s that are 98-100% rented at all times. FedEx, DHL USPS authorized shipping.
Impressive year-over-year revenue growth for the past decade . New 300 unit multi use apartment building opening on the corner in 2020. Multiple impressive mixed architectural and mixed-use properties in development within walking distance.
Incredible upside for hands-on Owner/Operator with room to grow via added services and increased business marketing. Check out the store’s Yelp profile for photos and testimonials from the community. Asking $240,000 to include negotiating Lease, current inventory, and all owned FF&Es.
Asking Price: $240,000
Gross Revenue 2018: $200,000
Gross Revenue 2019 Estimate: $220,000
FF&E: List Available
Inventory: List Available
Rent: $1620/Month
Established: 2004