As AMBC continues to grow, we recognize the importance of bringing as much value to AMBC Members as possible. As a result of feedback we’ve received and thoughtful consideration by the AMBC board of directors and staff, we want to announce some tweaks to how we share content, bringing more exclusive benefits and value to AMBC Members.

AMBC non-member subscriber vs. AMBC Member

First, we want to clarify who is an AMBC Member and who is a non-member subscriber. It’s easy to get confused, and we admit that over the past few years we’ve provided so much free content that some non-members who receive our e-blasts, read our blog, and read the free digital version of MBC Today may not realize that they’re not actually AMBC Members … or realize the tremendous benefits they’re missing out on by not accessing all of our resources!

AMBC non-member subscribers are anyone who benefits from free content that we share through e-blasts, social media, events, the AMBC blog, and other public resources on

AMBC Members (yes, with a capital M … because you earned it) are those who have invested in our non-profit organization and therefore enjoy a full slate of benefits, including:

  • Members-Only Content:  As an AMBC Member, you’ll have full access to all of AMBC’s content in the members-only section of
  • MBC Today:  You’ll receive a subscription to MBC Today, AMBC’s industry leading bi-monthly magazine, which includes a quality printed copy sent to each AMBC Member, as well as access to the current and past issues in the digital archives on In MBC Today, you’ll find articles from industry leaders and fellow business owners and gain ideas, inspiration, instruction, industry news, and much more.
  • AMBC Trusted Suppliers:  Our AMBC Trusted Suppliers provide incredible value to our members and we work closely with them to develop benefits just for you! Through their products, programs, and events, catered to industry-specific needs, you’ll be able to access deals and information you might otherwise not know about or qualify for on your own. Discounts you’ll receive can easily cover your AMBC Member dues again and again!
  • AMBC4ME (Online User Forum):  You’ll join our online user forum hosted directly on Access mentors, ask questions, and get answers, guidance, and advice from hundreds of other store owners just like you. Make sure you subscribe to email updates so you don’t miss a post!
  • The AMBC Team:  Access the AMBC staff and volunteer board of directors—AMBC Members just like you with decades of combined experience in this industry—for advocacy, education, and assistance to help you grow your business and reach potential you didn’t even know you had.
  • Locators:  You’ll be added to our locators, including an online scan and shred services locator, business services locator, and AMBC Member store locator.
  • Event Discounts:  Receive discounts for attending popular, inspiring, and exciting AMBC-presented and select AMBC-sponsored industry events held periodically in different parts of the country, and also gain access to our partners’ events. (If you haven’t been to one of our events yet, just ask around and you’ll soon learn why you can’t afford to miss them in the future!)
  • Virtual Town Halls and Webinars:  Join your fellow AMBC Members and industry leaders at AMBC’s popular virtual town halls, supplier presentations, and other webinars.
  • Industry Surveys:  You’ll be able to participate in periodic industry surveys, and then be able to access the benefits and programs that result.
  • Become a Voting Member of AMBC:  You’ll help elect our board of directors, guide our direction, and cultivate our programs. Maybe you’ll even want to join a committee and participate more as you discover what resources open up to you as an AMBC Member. Together, we grow, innovate, educate, and discover what’s new and what’s next in our unique industry.

So, what’s changing? And why?

As a member-run non-profit, our goal is to share ideas and spread our #MembersHelpingMembers attitude and mission. AMBC Members give, share, and help each other … and sometimes in giving so much to non-members, we dilute the value of membership for those who have diligently invested in the organization.

Going forward, as part of our responsibility as leaders in our industry, we’ll still provide valuable public content and updates for our non-member subscribers. However, to be fair to faithful AMBC Members and encourage those currently not taking advantage of membership to do so, much of the content that has traditionally been publicly available will now be reserved for members only.

The most visible change will be MBC Today. For a long time, our current digital version has been available to everyone—AMBC Members and AMBC non-member subscribers alike. Moving forward, this most popular AMBC product will be a members-only benefit. A preview of the digital version will still be available, however access to the articles and full content will be reserved exclusively for AMBC Members.

What happens next?

If you are currently an AMBC non-member subscriber, now is the time to change that and become an actual AMBC Member! We have a special offer of $5/first month and then either $29/month or $299/annually. Seriously! That’s it! Membership cost is intentionally kept as low as possible, and dues are essential to fund our member-run non-profit organization so we can continue to provide advocacy and assistance, and lead our industry into a bright future.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. AMBC’s phone number is (815) 316-8255. You can reach Kim Galloway, AMBC Director of Operations, at and Brad Risch, AMBC Operations Executive, at