AMBC is excited to announce Anytime Mailbox as their newest Gold AMBC Trusted Supplier.

“We love AMBC’s proactive approach to supporting the retail shipping industry and we are excited to increase our partnership and commitment with AMBC and its membership” — Matt Going, CEO & Co-Founder of Anytime Mailbox

To support their operating partners during the COVID-19 pandemic, Anytime Mailbox has released new cost-saving promotions and software tools to help increase and maintain business activity and momentum.

  • $3 Monthly Revenue Share Waived for 2 Months: No revenue share fee for two months for renters you add directly to the platform by the end of April 2020
  • $100 Security Deposit Waived Temporarily: Currently waiving the $100 security deposit for any new store sign-ups
  • New In-Platform Email Marketing Tools: To more effectively reach out to your existing customers and prospects

Key points they’ll be covering in a webinar on April 22nd:

  • Why ATMB is the leading digital mailbox vendor
  • How digital mailboxes are making a difference during, and after, the pandemic
  • Current incentives to support existing and new operators
  • Feedback on how they can help — they’re open to ideas!

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