There’s this guy that works in the brand new building across the street. He looks official, and my suspicion is that he’s not an office worker there, but rather a foreman or contractor–the lead on one of the few remaining small teams putting finishing touches on the structure.

He came in the other day, desperately looking to purchase a utility knife. Of course, the one thing I just ran out of is exactly what he needed. Apologizing that I was out of retail knives, I offered to lend him one of our own store-use blades. He was very grateful to accept and, as soon as he was finished, brought it right back.

He came in again today, this time needing a padlock. And I had plenty of padlocks in stock–both keyed and combination. As he was paying, he thanked me again for letting him borrow the blade the other day and said, “It’s rare to find a place that will do that these days.”

I simply smiled and replied, “We’re a neighborhood store.”

With an understanding grin, he replied, “And I’m sure that keeps you very busy.”

He was right.

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Marty Johnson, AMBC Director of Marketing |

Source: AMBC Blog

Source: AMBC Blog