I wanted to share this podcast with you about my CAGE Method, one which I spoke about in Vegas last year at the RS Expo Breakout sessions for Social Media 201.

It’s important to note that consistency, authenticity, generosity and excellence are winning qualities in business and in life.

Here’s the link for you to listen and share with others (it’s only less than 10 minutes long): https://soundcloud.com/fahim-mojawalla/fahimfix-podcast-for-cage

Each letter of the “CAGE” stands for a particular quality that I would love for each of you to adopt when posting on social media. . The C in the CAGE method stands for consistency: Consistency in our posting, consistency in our timing, consistency in whatever we do has a great impact and effect. It is very effective when we are consistent with something and we know that with our stores, consistently opening on time, consistently closing on time, consistently being there with customer service, and consistently performing better than any of our competitors allows us to exude excellence. The same consistency principle holds true for social media. So, be consistent.

The A stands for authenticity. #BeReal. #BeYourself. Excellence only comes about when you are your true self and you alone know who you are. So, tap into yourself first. That is called introspection: Looking inside of you. Who is the real you? Look in the mirror and find yourself and then display that person, that human being, that male or female in front of an audience of listeners, of talkers, of social savvy people, and just go with it and keep posting with that authenticity, with that real self you know. If you like a particular sport, go with that. If you like a particular game, go with that. If you like a particular activity, go with that. Use that even in your business posts because that will resonate with all the people that like that sport, game, or activity, etc. So, authenticity is truly important. People can smell out the fakeness. They can smell people who are just not doing it right and they will leave you. A lot of my posts on social media, whether they’re on my personal page, personal profile, or they are on my business page, they’re real. A lot of people come into my store and they already know who I am because of the way that I post online and it resonates with them. I say things the way they are and I’m extremely respectful when doing that, but I like to tell a story. People come in for that inspiration, for that motivation, for that upliftment, and for that rejuvenation. It’s part of my mission. Find your purpose, find your authentic self, and then share it with the world. You would be amazed how much you will grow because of that.

The G stand for generosity. Tony Robbins says that, “The secret to living is giving,” and really giving doesn’t mean just money and wealth but information, which is the new currency in the social world. This revolution that we’re going through now is the technology revolution and its currency is these social qualities and a huge currency is generosity. When we give proper information to our clients who come into our stores, and we empower them with that information that the other stores don’t give them, about FedEx, UPS, Postal Service, DHL, we have seen over the years, as you very well know, how much business that gets us because we become the go-to source. Well, why don’t you do that in social media? Give away that information to people. Show them how to pack, show them which copies come out better, which color paper works, which scans are truly excellent, whatever it is about our business; how we can do same-day business cards, why they need a rubber stamp for an endorsement stamp, how we can save them time in terms of packaging, and then let them be empowered with that information and then allow them to make the decision and 9 times out of 10, they will make the decision in the favor of our business and that’s a really great business strategy. But it’s long-term and it is essential to social media.

And then, of course, the E stands for excellence. So, one of my favorite hashtags and one that hangs on my wall (one of the three that actually hang on my wall) is #ExudeExcellence and if anything, my biggest struggle right now, is working with people and convincing them or shall I say, inspiring them to move from mediocrity to excellence. Because, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, mediocrity does not sell; complacency does not sell; excellence sells. Being the best at what we do or at least, trying to be the best expert at anything, really makes people gravitate towards us in terms of our services, and in terms of our products, and overall, in terms of our business. So, take a look around you, see what needs improving in your life, in your store, in your relationships, in the products and services that you offer, and then daily, weekly, monthly, make a list and start checking it off one by one. Then, just work to improve your weaknesses, and as you now go from mediocrity to excellence in the way your store looks or in the way you’ve added another product, post that process (whether through pics or video) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest or YouTube, etc. Share that experience with people. Instead of being solicitational, be social and that’s what social media is all about. That’s what this “CAGE Method” is all about. In order to get out of your cage of hesitation, your cage of limitation, and your cage of negativity, I encourage you to use the CAGE method for posting and for life.

With efficacious effervescence, and sincere gratitude to be of service to you and ultimate ongoing kindness, I remain yours, Fahim Mojawalla, AMBC director of social media. You can find my videos at FahimFix.com and also contact me at fahim@ambc.org. Thank You.

Fahim Mojawalla is the social media director for AMBC and the effervescent co-owner of Island Ship Center, an experience based retail shipping store, conveniently located 10 minutes south of Niagara Falls USA & affectionately called the “Spa of Shipping” by its clients. Fahim has been studying social media for over 10 years from some of the top experts in the industry, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin and Mari Smith. Fahim is also referred to as the “hashtag guy” because he uses many hashtags to explain his ideas. His YouTube video, which recently was launched earlier this year, entitled, “Get SMart with Fahim,” covers many aspects of social media in an easy to understand format, a format which Fahim uses in his breakouts as well.

Source: AMBC Blog

Source: AMBC Blog