Returning back from the Retail Shippers Expo 2016 this week, overflowing with emotions, I could not sleep on the plane.

So, I started and finished reading my book, #AskGaryVee – One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media & Self-Awareness. It was truly awesome, to say the least.

It’s written in a question and answer format and very easy to understand. I recommend it highly, even for those that don’t read much.

In the book, Gary talks about helpful hints in finding staff / employees for his firm by using Twitter and other social media channels.

Here’s an excerpt of that page from his book, which outlines how to go about scouting potential hires that are truly talented, using social media.

A lot of people in our industry ask me how to find good employees; in fact, it’s one of the most popular questions in our small business networking group.

I tell them that good people are out there but we need to use the new media channels to find them. We cannot go on online forums and scout them any more. Rather, these potential hires hang out in the social media world, promoting positivity. When you see the person posting positive things, pick that person out from the crowd.

Remember, hire personality and train on skills. It has worked for me and will work for you as well.

With gratitude, effervescence and mirth,

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