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The leader in deferred; International Package Shipping

International Package Shipping is the largest consumer-to-consumer package transportation company from the United States to Europe. With over 60 years of experience handling deferred air and ocean package shipments, we have earned a reputation as a consistent, trusted carrier that is relied upon to cost-effectively handle shipments to 43 countries.

International Package Shipping works with hundreds of independent retail shipping centers throughout the United States. Our deferred time-in-transit international shipping services are the perfect complement to the major carriers and provides choice, flexibility and a more affordable shipping option to retail shipping outlets and their customers.

If you have ever had a customer walk out of your store due to the high cost of international shipping–or ask if there is a slower, less expensive, but still reliable and trackable option–International Package Shipping will be a great option for you and an additional revenue stream for your shipping center. With easy sign-up and no up-front cost, International Package Shipping can quickly have you ready for the next customer that comes to your store looking for international service.


To become Authorized Shipping Outlet of International Package Shipping, please visit and fill out the “Become an Authorized Shipping Outlet” form. You can access the form by clicking the “Become an Authorized Shipping Outlet” tab at the top of the homepage. Once the form is filled out, the email provided will receive the one-page agreement to be authorized. Once the agreement is authorized, the International Package Shipping Account Management team will activate your businesses account and an email will be sent with login information, a user manual, hazardous goods document and step-by-step instructions to begin using the services immediately.

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