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Shipping Insurance for Valuables

Mail, packaging and business centers have discovered (SAI) as their first choice for shipping insurance coverage of higher value items. The online processing simplifies the purchase of premium required for insurance valuable items for full value with no deductible. Many items not covered by the shippers include fine arts and paintings, collectible coins, currency and bullion, antiques, historical items and other collectibles. SAI covers all of these and more! Most items, except perishables, pharmaceuticals, cell phones and flat screens can be covered under our program with no deductible and for full coverage against loss or damage.

A benefit program for members of the North American Collectibles Association (NACA), and now in collaboration with the AMBC, SAI covers up to $75,000 per entry online. Routinely higher limits of up to $500,000 and more are approved by requesting and override code after identifying your items to be shipped. Our coverage is through PMA Group and is A-Rated.

If your shipped package is lost or damaged, it is not easy and perhaps close to impossible to collect the value of missing or damaged goods if you relied on any coverage through the shipping service you chose. The process, paperwork and required documentation can be a nightmare. Who needs this aggravation? Especially when there is a much better option. With, if you send only five packages each week with an average value of $5,000, you would save over $7,363 at a minimum on a yearly basis.

If an item is lost when insuring through, we will pay you the full value of insurance you purchased through us, usually within 30 days. We don’t hassle our customers with the requirement of appraisals and extensive paperwork. All we ask is that you use the claim form on our site, fill it out and get it to us promptly. We can’t make filing a claim and receiving your check any simpler. We are the insurance business, not the shipping business and that makes a difference in our approach to your shipping insurance needs.

The program will also offer you a huge savings on FedEx shipping rates because of our NACA group member plan. If you have a FedEx account or just use them as an occasional shipper, we can help you save.

By joining our NACA group plan, you can expect up to 40% off an rates, whether you insure with us or not. Imagine what savings you will experience with our FedEx program!

When shipping insurance is required for higher value items, simply login to our website with your unique username and password. The entry process takes about 30 seconds. Select the method of shipment, enter the tracking number, zip to and zip from and then enter a value. You will charge to your credit card on file.

Save on data entry time for multiple packages requiring insurance. Simply upload your file into the Bulk Upload area of our site, originally created on your shipping software and our system will pull the info needed for coverage. We like fast and easy and we’re sure you’ll appreciate this time save also.

Visit today and sign up with North American Collectibles Association. If you are a Full Member, AMBC pays the sign up fee for you!