The holiday season is just around the corner—and businesses are gearing up for increased sales, foot traffic, and new revenue.

This flurry of holiday activity provides the perfect opportunity to introduce a new offering. Specifically, a service that allows your customers to access and manage their postal mail and packages easily and digitally using their phone.

Tried and tested holiday business strategies, like special promotions, themed products, and gifting bundles, will always help increase profit. Add a virtual mailbox, and you’ve got yourself an offering that provides a consistent flow of revenue. A virtual mailbox allows you to leverage the revenue-earning potential of the holiday season. And with no extra cost to you!

The best part? A virtual mailbox is a gift that keeps on giving. It will generate revenue for you year-round.

A virtual mailbox helps your customers enjoy a secure, convenient, and time-saving solution to managing postal mail. Using a smartphone or computer, they can view digitized copies of their postal mail and act on them immediately. They can request to open, scan, and view the documents securely online. They can also request to discard or recycle their postal mail via the app. Packages can be forwarded to specific locations, stored for a designated period, and set aside to be picked up at a later date.

A virtual mailbox offering is valuable for your customers and a revenue generator for you — it provides you the chance to bring in a steady revenue stream during the busiest season of the year without extra cost or investment.

You simply keep doing what you do best: enhancing your customers’ lives and helping them manage their mail.

Anytime Mailbox virtual mailbox Operators enjoy a range of benefits, including a new revenue stream that allows you to earn 40% more than other virtual mailbox providers offer. It’s also a service that’s profitable long after the holiday rush has subsided. Virtual mailboxes usually gain an uptick in sign-ups when the new year begins, so getting it rolling early this season can help you upsell and prepare for the coming year.

We also invest heavily in your success. If you succeed, we succeed. We provide free training, webinars, and resources to help you maximize your virtual mailbox offering and be at the top of your game. If you have any concerns, we have a dedicated operator support team, easily reachable through many channels for your convenience.

Most importantly, we get your business out there and in front of people looking for a digital solution to manage their mail. Our relentless digital marketing team invests in paid ads, optimized blogs, email marketing, social media content, and more to drive new customers your way every month. No effort from you.

Take action to boost your bottom line and increase holiday revenue in three simple steps.

Get listed on our website as an Anytime Mailbox virtual mailbox provider so that you can be seen by people looking for virtual mailboxes in your area:

Once you sign up, you also get access to your own fully branded platform and operator portal, where most of the actions take place.

We have a user-friendly platform, so you won’t have to go through a maze of technological difficulties to get started.

Set up your virtual mailbox offering with the help of our operations team:

They’ll walk you through everything you need to know. Don’t worry, you don’t need fancy equipment or months-long training. As long as you have a device with a good camera, you’re good to go!

You can start adding “virtual mailbox” to your roster of services for anyone browsing through your store, whether in-person or online.

We also provide you with a marketing kit, so you can advertise your virtual mailbox offering and provide printed resources for potential customers.

A virtual mailbox is a better, more affordable, and more accessible solution for your customers to manage their holiday mail and packages. And, for you, it’s a new and constant revenue stream that will extend beyond the holidays.

As a business owner, you know better than anyone that fortune favors the decisive and those willing to maximize opportunities at the right time. Now is the time to provide your customers with a virtual mailbox.

Your customers and your bottom line will thank you.

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