In addition to late deliveries and other automated refund types, there are other parts of your UPS and FedEx invoices that deserve your attention.  Many people rarely go over an invoice; they usually have an automatic payment on file with the carrier and are just trying to get new customers in the door. This is what you should be doing after all, increasing clients and profits. 

Going over your carrier invoices should be a part of your weekly duties. Has anyone ever shipped an unauthorized package on your account?  How many packages have not been delivered after 20 days in transit?  With Refund Retriever you can easily see this in your own personalized client interface. 

This report can be used to view any package that has been picked up by a carrier over 20 days prior and has no delivery event.  The package is still in the FedEx or UPS system and further investigation is needed.

For mail, parcel & business centers, all packages should originate from your store front. It’s always a good idea to make sure you are only charged for your shipments. Our third party package report shows shipments where the origin and destination are not from your address. These packages were not in his/her position at any time.

If it’s in your third party package report, the package at no time went across your counter. This report can be filtered on the Refund Retriever interface by account number and time span.

Why is it so important for mail, parcel & business centers to have a shipping audit system in place? We are no strangers to the mail and parcel industry! Refund Retriever was started in 2006 by Brian Gibbs in the back of his first business which was a mail and parcel store.  Brian used his own FedEx and UPS accounts to develop proprietary parcel invoice auditing software specializing in saving money on FedEx & UPS invoices. Since then we have been auditing FedEx and UPS invoices for mail and parcel centers and other businesses of all sizes. We are constantly updating our refund technology to provide our customers with the highest quality of service.

No set up, monthly, or cancellation fees…The only time we ever charge you is when we successfully have a refund credit applied to your shipping account. Our fee is a percentage of successfully disputed and credited refunds. No refund, no charge!

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Refund Retriever is an approved AMBC vendor and was recently awarded #18 Fastest Growing Aggie Owned Business

Source: AMBC Blog